About us

CBN Audit & Consultancy Firm

Welcome to CBN Audit & Consultancy Firm, Your best source for all auditing, accounting, Finance and management consulting. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of services with a focus on Integrity, effectiveness, and efficiency. We know our clients have a choice of service providers and we are proud that they have selected our firm, they will work with a client service team that will be knowledgeable, accessible and responsive to their needs. Our Staff is willing to do its best in meeting and maintaining the International Accounting and Auditing Standards IAAS and the International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS


Major Views

The most highly respected professional audit firm in the region locally and internationally. We strive for continual growth based upon a reputation of excellence derived from proven results to be granted the membership of one of the Top international audit firms.


Our Aims

providing the highest level of professional services to meet our client’s needs through financial success. We seek to maintain integrity and honesty in everything we do. We provide for the development, growth and accountability of our team members by offering opportunities to achieve personal and professional success. We aim to maintain an environment that encourages giving back to our community.

Ethics & Compliances

Our Way of Success

Always dealing with our clients and our colleagues in a fair and ethical manner, gaining trust through our actions.


The value we place on our ability to develop leaders and the need to continually grow our collective technical expertise to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated clients.


Respect for one another in the office will lead to greater productivity and staff satisfaction.